Embark on a journey of self-expression and wish manifestation with the Chaos Magick App.

Inspired by the visionary work of Austin Osman Spare and the eclectic Chaos Magick tradition, our app empowers users to harness the ancient art of sigil crafting.

Customize and combine servitors within your intention to create a sigil uniquely attuned to your purpose.

Manifest your dreams, transform your reality, and unlock the hidden potentials of your subconscious mind. With Chaos Magick App, the power to shape your destiny is within reach.

Our mobile phones contain our daily energy and are important tools for immediate manifestation of desires, prayers, and intentions.

What is?

The Chaos Magick App is a revolutionary tool designed to facilitate the creation of Sigils, powerful symbols imbued with the user’s intention. Drawing inspiration from the Chaos Magick tradition, the app provides users to craft personalized Sigils tailored to their desires and aspirations.

How it works?

Forge sigils through a meticulously structured ritual: begin by write your intention, then distill the essence by stripping away vowels(optional) and duplicate letters. The remaining characters are consecrated into a numeric code, weaving a sacred path that, when united with one or more

Entities/Servitors, culminates in the birth of a unique emblem or symbol.

Once crafted, your sigil becomes a tangible Magickal artifact.


The Chaos Magick App stands as a testament to the legacy of Austin Osman Spare, a pioneer in the realm of modern occultism. Born from the creative mind of Spare’s students, this technomantic tool offers a faithful representation of the true essence of chaos magick.

In an era inundated with artificial intelligence and database-driven technologies, the Chaos Magick App remains a beacon of authenticity. Unlike its counterparts, it refrains from storing users’ Sigils in any centralized database, ensuring the utmost privacy and efficacy.

The responsibility of sharing Sigils lies solely with the creator, preserving the sanctity and integrity of each individual’s magical practice.


Create your Sigil with or without an embedded Servitor to manifest your desires. Afterwards, you can share the result, if you choose, on social media platforms or with others, leveraging the quantum entanglement of the internet to allow users to view or even meditate upon the shared Sigil.


Explore the power of sigils in chaos magick and how to tap into their energy through meditation. Discover the secrets of sigils and enhance your practice today! Tapping Into The Power Of Sigils In Chaos Magick, users are introduced to the intriguing world of Chaos Magick with a specific focus on the use and creation of sigils.

Chaos Magick, defining it as a highly individualistic form of magick that emphasizes the subjective experience and flexibility of belief systems.

Chaos Magick app create powerful symbols designed to manifest personal desires, intentions, or will into reality. We offers a step-by-step guide on how to create sigils, starting from the formulation of a desire or intent, moving on to the process of crafting a unique symbol that encapsulates that intent, and concluding with methods for charging and activating the sigil.

The content is accessible to both beginners and seasoned practitioners of Chaos Magick.

This app is visually engaging process of their creation and activation. Viewers are encouraged to interact through, sharing Sigil or print them for example.


This app was the pioneer among all others of its kind, ensuring effectiveness in wish fulfillment. Countless testimonials have attested to this app’s ability to manifest users’ desires.