TOP Sigil Technomancy Tools

The word technomancy is a neologism constructed from techno- (Greek τέχνη, tékhnē, “skill, art, craft”), meaning “relating to technology,” and -mancy (Greek μαντεία, manteía, “divination”), denoting “a form of divination” (Wiktionary). 

Technomancy Image By Squid8347

Sigil Suite App

With this powerful Technomancy tool you will be able to create Sigils and use more than 100 Servitors with your Sigil.
You also be able to share the Sigil created on social networks, in groups for example, so that other people can bless your Sigil, if you wish.

This Technomancy tool does not keep Sigils in any database, only his creator will be able to define the destination. Share it, keep it, draw it, it’s with you.

Contrary to the Chaos Magick App, based on the same principles, this App follows the sacred patterns of paths.

The Magick is in your pocket. What’s better than your cell phone that contains all your daily energy?



Sigil Suite App

Chaos Magick App

Chaos Magick App, make your Sigils at any place and any time.
Currently our cell phones contain our daily energy, they can be a powerful tool if used correctly.

Create your Sigils through the servitors that meet your desire or request. The servitors are the most used during the history of magick, learn about them and use them wisely.

This app is a tribute to the work of Austin Osman Spare and the Magickal community of Chaos.

Powerful tool that should be used wisely.
– Create your Sigils and choose over 100 servitors to work for them.
– Sigils most used by humanity.