Chaos Magicians Create Magical Symbols and “Charge” Them with Sexual Energy

Sigils might be the most chaos magick thing about chaos magick. They’re symbols that an individual designs as a way to focus their energy on an object or concept of their desire. Each sigil is completely unique – so when it’s served its purpose, you can ditch it and move on.

The concept of sigil magic is to take the conscious mind out of the process of desire and let the chaotic energy of the world do the work for you. To make a sigil, all you have to do is write down what it is you want, distinguish the unique letters (usually just the consonants), and then create an image from those letters.

Some people say you should hide the sigil (or sigils) for at least week so you can forget about what they mean, and then you “charge” the sigils with energy. Most people masturbate over the sigils because supposedly sexual energy is the most powerful energy, but you can do a dance, work out, sing a song, whatever – as long as you put your specific energy into the sigil. Then, sit back and wait for all that free pizza to roll in (our sigil was for free pizza).